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GATE Analysis 2010-2018

GATE Analysis is one of most favorable keys to success in GATEExam. The study has been done by our experts with students from various top universities and deemed universities that previous year analysis gives boost to the student’s preparation. In the view of this team of ENGINEERS CAREER GROUPTM has prepared different analysis for GATE ASPIRANTS..

Candidate Inflation

Total Appeared

Since 2012, when Public sector undertaking (PSU’s) decided to sign MOU with IISc and IIT’s to recruit GATE qualified candidates.

GATE Analysis - Candidate Inflation - Total Appeared

PSU’s are real engineering jobs for Graduate Engineers of India. Their packages are varying from 5 Lac to 12 Lac per annum. These jobs are providing Job security, High salary, Living standard, Job status and all basic need of common people of our India.

PSU’s took revolution in candidate inflation of GATE exam from and then. It seems that the fall in number of candidates as 9.717% in GATE-2014 as compared to GATE-2013.It is just because that, in GATE-3013 exam there was no application fee for girls students but in GATE-2014 application fee has been increased to 50 %. It may cause to decrease in ratio of candidates.

Meanwhile, many state government undertaking also took interest in GATE exam for their hiring process.

All Streams

Here analysis of five largest streams in term of Candidate appeared in GTAE Exam has been discussed in following graph.

GATE Analysis - Candidate Inflation - All Streams

This analysis for GATE has been done from GATE-2010 to GATE-2018for:
Candidate appeared in Electronics Engineering Branch
Candidate appeared in Electrical Engineering Branch
Candidate appeared in Mechanical Engineering Branch
Candidate appeared in Civil Engineering Branch
Candidate appeared in Computer Science Engineering Branch
Candidate appeared in Information Technology Branch

Cut-Off Marks Analysis

It is one of the most desired analysis for GATE aspirants. It is the key tool to enhance the motivation in the students to start preparation in the right direction to achieve good score in the competitive exam. It is excellent work has been done by our experts from different streams they collected data in appropriate manner to give graphical analysis for all categories. The detailed analysis is given below:


GATE Analysis - Cut Off Marks - ME

In Mechanical Engineering Cut-off analysis, we can easily predict that the variation in GATE cut-off marksin all three categories. In GATE-2018 the cut-off marks reached to the sky, the reason behind is that the paper in this year was competitively low to previous year papers.


GATE Analysis - Cut Off Marks - EE

In the view of above graph for GATE Cut-off marks analysis for Electrical Engineering. We can conclude the minor changes in the qualified marks in GATE exam for all three categories.


GATE Analysis - Cut Off Marks - EC

In the view of Electronics Engineering GATE Cut-off analysis, we easily conclude that there are no major changes unlike Electrical engineering branch cut-off marks.


GATE Analysis - Cut Off Marks - CE

GATE Cut-off marks analysis for civil engineering undoubting clear that, the major change occurred in GATE-2012 paper.


GATE Analysis - Cut Off Marks - CS

As Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology both are different branches in engineering but GATE committee decided few year back to merge these branches as single GATE paper code-CS. The above graphical representation depicts that the huge variation in GATE Cut-off marks for Computer science engineering in year GATE-2012 paper.




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