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Punjab State Power Corporation Limited(PSPCL), Punjab has released new vacancies for the Junior Engineer (JE) positions, which shall be filled on the basis of written examination and interview. Understanding PSPCL exam pattern is the foremost step that every candidate should aim at in order for targeted exam preparation. PSPCL Exam Syllabus includes topics such as Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Computer Knowledge and lastly the professional course which the candidate is seeking employment in. A determined approach accompanied by the right guidance is what one needs in order to succeed in the deemed examination.

Preparation strategy for any competitive examination requires 3 steps

1. Understanding the Examination
ECG, one of the institutes delivering quality PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh for more than a decade stresses on understanding the PSPCL syllabus as one of the foremost keys for success in the examination. The institute over years has garnered rave reviews for its matchless prowess of devising the teaching strategy in accordance with the current PSPCL exam pattern. The faculty is extremely talented and wide experience in making the student understand the nitty-gritty details of the examination through the study material for PSPCL exam. Each topic is covered in enough depth through the PSPCL study material, that the candidate doesn't have to look for anywhere else for extra resources.
The eminent faculty and the visionary management is always present to ensure that the knowledge is imparted in accordance with the PSPCL exam syllabus and the study material adheres strictly with the PSPCL syllabus. Considering there might be students who lack familiarity with the format of the examination, ECG provides them with a platform to not only understand the various aspects of the examinations but also exposes them to find answers to many questions which usually form a part of the examination. Some of the ways through which the institute contributes to his success for the PSPCL examination is firstly in the segregation of the important examination topics, and secondly providing him exposure to the previous year question papers for PSPCL exam with solutions for better understanding. The institute's unique Online test series for PSPCL is one of a kind that enables the enrolled students to self- evaluate their performance over a period of time.

2. Planning for the Examination
The next step to succeed in the PSPCL examination is planning for the examination. Preparation of the examination ideally requires a mentor who can guide the prospective candidate in the right direction. Seeking a reputed Institute that is known to deliver outstanding results what most of the candidates aim for. The institute should not only be reputed in terms of delivering results but should have good faculty, a decent infrastructure consisting of spacious classrooms, doubt clearing sessions and smaller batch sizes.
Engineers Career Group (ECG), the institute is known to deliver the best coaching for PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh, is equipped with the best facilities the candidates can expect. The seasoned faculty has years of experience in teaching and aim to clear each doubt of the students in an effective way. The batch size is kept small so there is an effective dissipation of the teaching. The student should plan to get enrolled in a similar institute which has visionary management, knowledgeable faculty, unparalleled study material consisting of exhaustive study material and a thorough Online test series for PSPCL.
ECG's position as an institute focussed on delivering a dedicated PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh is aimed at building on the fundamentals of each subject. The institute's sole focus is to prepare the students to handle any type of question in the examination. The distinguished faculty grooms the students with all the necessary skills to sail through the examination. The extremely knowledgeable and adept faculty members in the disciplines of IT, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil or Industrial ensure to build the concepts both from the exam as well as for the interview for the PSPCL Exam.

3. Preparation for the Examination
Preparation for the PSPCL examination requires the clarity on the basic concepts of the fundamentals. Engineers Career Group through its various courses enables the students to build on the basics into attempting more intricate questions. The coaching at the ECG is unparalleled to any other similar institute offering PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh.
The course helps the students threefold, firstly in understanding the concepts, secondly delivering the study material followed by illustrative examples to make the students understand and lastly providing the much-needed practice along with valuable tips and tricks to increase their respective scores.PSPCL online test series is designed by the education's industry best minds who have themselves been in the area of PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh for more than five years. What has made ECG a preferred choice amongst the various candidates are PSPCL previous year question papers which cover the entire PSPCL syllabus as per the latest PSPCL exam pattern.

PSPCL Examination opens the doors to one of the lucrative jobs in an engineer's life. Coaching from a great institute along with your dedicated effort can put you in good standing. Engineers Career Group is acclaimed institute due to its PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh. Whether it is their in-depth study material, doubt clearing sessions or its comprehensive Online test series for PSPCL, ECG delivers all that is required to get the desired placement. There is no doubt that the institute continues to progress through the incorporation of various facilities Online Assistance to all the students and Special dedicated mobile app access to all the students.



Our PSPCL JE Selections

  • Abhishek AIR 4 Abhishek
  • Jugal Kishore AIR 6 Jugal Kishore
  • Ashish AIR 16 Ashish
  • Sameer AIR 19 Sameer
  • Naveen AIR 23 Naveen
  • Tarun AIR 27 Tarun
  • Mudit AIR 32 Mudit
  • Ankit AIR 33 Ankit
  • Shubham AIR 37 Shubham
  • Amarbir AIR 37 Amarbir
  • Shantanu AIR 47 Shantanu
  • Umesh AIR 49 Umesh
  • Poonardeep AIR 50 Poonardeep
  • Gautam AIR 51 Gautam


Student's Speak

Engineers Career Group, delivers the best PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh. The faculty of the Institute cleared my doubts , I had from time to time.The study material for PSPCL was explained in an easy manner, for me to understand all the topics effectively.was covered by the faculty.The Institute's Online Test Series provided me with the necessary practice to get selected for my dream job and career.
I had been confused over the choice of a good institute which provides the best study material for PSPCL. One of my cousins, who had been a student with the Engineers Career Group recommended me to join.The institute provides the candidate with the best PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh that can help the candidates to achieve a good rank amongst the final candidates.
Engineers Career Group is the best PSPCL coaching institute in Chandigarh.The Institute's curriculum consists of best study material for PSPCL alongwith PSPCL previous year question papers ,which proved to be helpful during my preparation. Every topic in the PSPCL exam syllabus was covered in detail and in accordance with the PSPCL exam syllabus.
Any candidate wishing to take PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh should go to the Engineers Career Group. I benefitted a great deal from the online test series for PSPCL and the Previous year question papers for PSPCL exam with solutions.These test series provided me to understand and strengthen the important topics of the exam.The faculty were extreemely helpful in clearing my doubts.
Looking for Best coaching for PSPCL Junior Engineer exam? Join the Engineers Career Group, the best institute for PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh.I joined the institute on a friend's recommendation. Their PSPCL study material covers the PSPCL syllabus in detail. Their study material for the PSPCL is the best and has in detail all the important points with respect to the exam.


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Online Test Series for PSPCL by ECG

PSPCL JE Online Test Series

18Topic-wise Tests
9Sectional Tests
8Combo Tests
5Full Length Tests
Solutions with Explanations
Results with Graphical Analysis


Warm up

It is the initial phase of national test series which helps student to start from basics.


It is the initial phase of national test series which helps student to start from basics.

Grow Knowledge

Helps students to grow their capability of implementing basic concepts to solve questions.

Quick Revision

It also helps student to improve consistency and accuracy in their studies.

Fast Track

It helps students to learn time-management in online exam.


Permanent Faculties

Engineers Career Group has an elite team of able faculty members backed by years of experience in mentoring students preparing for the PSPCL examinations. The interactive methodology involves sharing of ideas amongst the students for enhanced learning. Innovative methods are used by the faculty to enable the students to understand the concepts in the best way, which consequently results in the enhanced performance in the actual examination. Faculty job at the ECG is not just confined to being a teacher but rather as a mentor who is entrusted with the task of polishing his weak areas and enhancing the core strengths of the candidate.


Unique Study Material

The team at ECG believes in delivering holistic education to its enrolled students. The institute believes in the development of the individual's intellectual, emotional, physical, and artistic potential. This unique method of learning involves the enrolled students to engage in the learning process. It not only builds the student's foundation on the key concepts but also helps them to form the building blocks for tackling more complex problems. All the practices enable the students to perform well in the PSPCL examination as well as the following interview. Great scores in the exam and interview subsequently can lead to the selection for the coveted PSPCL JE/AE position.


Outstanding Results

Year after Year the candidates from the ECG has been outperforming others in the PSPCL examinations for the JE position in Chandigarh. All of this is possible owing to the visionary Management team who ensures the best teaching ambience for the students, extremely immaculate and painstaking faculty who plan to deliver the most outstanding study material to the candidates and lastly the students themselves who from time to time come up with valuable suggestions to better the system. Our outstanding results in the PSPCL exam for AE/JE are proof of our commitment towards providing the best PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh.


Our Other Core Competencies

ECG is one of the oldest coaching Institute dedicated to PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh. The institute provides its students access to innumerable add ons besides the study material. All these features provide the necessary premises for the necessary preparation for PSPCL examination. What makes Engineers Career Group as the best PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh, is its own dedicated web portal through which the students can supplement their learning. The institute's in house performance tool to judge the performance of the candidate over a period of time is unique and helps the candidate evaluate his preparation in comparison to his peers.


Detailed Coverage of Syllabus

Understanding of the PSPCL syllabus and exam pattern is the foremost key to getting selected for the Junior Engineers Position. The faculty at the Engineers Career Group is entrusted with providing the best PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh. The experienced faculty adept in their trade are well versed with their respective subjects and ensure the timely completion of the syllabus on time. The study material has been designed by the best minds in the education industry and is considered to be a complete preparation manual for the PSPCL exam. The institute covers both technical and non-technical topics starting from the very basics.


Effective and Productive Doubt Sessions

One of the highlights of the Engineers Career Group is its faculty's dedication to student's doubts effectively. Following the conclusion of each topic, the students are encouraged to ask questions. The session not only helps to clear the doubts of the students asking them but also to the students in the batch who benefit from the active discussion. The student can also ask doubts for the PSPCL from other reference books and the faculty provide an earnest solution to the queries asked. This targeted PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh, given by the ECG is one of the reasons why the students are able to achieve high ranks in the PSPCL examination.



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