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Term ECG1001: Logo & Content

1. The logo and content of the site are copyright and sole property of ‘ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP’ and may not be copied, used or reproduced for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without the explicit permission.

2. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP and www.engineerscareergroup.in and associated sites (The Site), is a preparatory firm providing various preparatory modules for GATE & IES examination. The terms and conditions set forth hereinafter are applicable to all visitors/subscribers to the site and all registered/enrolled users of the services. The site is branded under the name of ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is the name most commonly used in the communication representing any of the material bought offline / online.

Term ECG1002: Offline Payments

1. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP shall not take any responsibility for the Cheques, Money Orders, DDs etc. lost in transit (while they are being sent to us).

2. Please do not send cash by post. We will not take the responsibility of that either. Please take a copy of DDs / Cheques sent to us by post for future reference.

Term ECG1003: Query Response

Response to all queries related to performance in papers etc. to students – Our liability extends only upto provision of tests and does not extend to giving a feedback and solving queries of the students. However, we do invite queries on the same, and all replies sent will be subject to the time available to our panel of experts.

Term ECG1201: Study Material

1. No study or test material from the site may be copied, shared, exchanged, sold or given for free to individuals or organizations without prior consent of ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP.

2. Buying test material from our site does not entitle you to provide the same to other individuals or enterprises at a cost or even for free. The copyright of Study Material / Test Material remains with ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP unless otherwise explicitly stated, and may not be quoted or reviewed without explicit permission from “ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP".

3. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP does not take responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of data provided in various study material / tests.

4. The content in different modules / tests / study material / programs has been prepared by a team of subject experts from different parts of the India. While designing these questions, the team has referred a lot of books, question papers, study material and other resources available in the market. Every effort has been made to ensure that no infringement of any copyright happens. In case any discrepancy is reported corrective action would be taken immediately by ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP.

Term ECG1202: Online Payments

1. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP has tied up with CC Avenue to enable Online payments. All your credit/debit card details are secure, and payments will be processed directly using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption.

2. Credit/debit card numbers are protected with a high level of encryption when transmitted over the Internet. The site is secure using 128 bit encryption to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site of our Bank.

3. In case of any problems or disputes related to online payments, we will settle the same only within/after 12 working days of the transaction. To raise any such ticket, please send an email from the registered email address used at the time of making the online payment.

4. A convenience charge, apart from the normal fees, will be levied for every online transaction.

5. Take a Printout of the receipt generated on successful payment for further communications.

6. Any payment once made is not refundable or adjustable in any case or circumstances.

7. After successful of online payment, ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP website will send confirmation on student’s registered E-mail ID (only). Student should keep Transaction ID for future conversations with customer care.

8. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP will not responsible for any unsuccessful online payments. In case of unsuccessful online payment, the candidate may try again, or, contact the debit card/credit card/bank account provider.

9. FREE USER can Upgrade their login automatically from their Login Account online. Students will not have to visit ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP center for the same.

10. Payments not acceptable in EMI/Instalment for any course.

11. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP shall not be liable for any failure on the part of the Applicant or third party making payment of Fees, to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such other persons, during the Online Payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the Online Payment process.

Term ECG1203: ECG Website

1. The Site is designed by Coldfire Design Studio Pvt Ltd, and is updated and maintained by ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP and the name, design and the model are exclusive property of ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP and any copy and / or reproduction in any form and/or unauthorized access to any data forming part of the site will amount to infringement of copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

2. Information provided on this site is on “as is” basis and/or as collected from various sources, which can be shared with enrolled students / subscribers on request.

3. While utmost care is taken to provide correct and up to date information, ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP does not warrant the accuracy, completeness and timely availability of the information provided on the site and accepts no responsibility or liability for any error or omission in any information provided on the website.

4. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP reserves the right to modify, add, delete and/or change the contents and classification and presentation of the information / content at any time as it may in its absolute discretion find to be expedient and without giving any notice. It is the user’s responsibility to refer to the terms and/or any change or addition to the same while accessing the site.

5. The website offers no warranty that the contents of the site are free from viruses or any other infection, which has contaminating or destructive properties.

6. The website provides at many places links to other websites hosted on servers maintained by third parties over which The Site has no control. The Site accepts no responsibility as to the validity of contents and shall in no way be liable for any damage/loss arising to users seeking access or using the said website.

7. Provision is made to enlist subscribers to the site and all such subscribers are bound by the general terms & conditions mentioned hereinbefore and by the subscription agreement set forth hereinafter and special terms contracted therein.

Term ECG1301: Online Enrolment

1. Student ensures his/her E-mail and Contact Number both are working at the time of online enrolment.

2. Student will choose his/her stream/branch carefully during online enrolment. Request to change/alteration for same will not be entrained in future.

3. Student will not be allowed to change or shift his /her course or batch after completion of online enrolment. Request to change/alteration for same will not be entrained in future.

4. Student will have pay his/her pending Course Fee on or before due date, if fail to do so, INR 100/- per day will be charged as late fee. After 15 days of due date, student enrolment will be deactivated and INR 3000/- will be charged as Re-Activation/ Re-Enrolment fee.

5. Student enrolment/course fee will not be adjusted with any friend/known/relative etc. in any case or circumstances. This is applicable for both online and offline courses.

6. Student will complete his/her course in their enrolled batch/course only. Request to change/alteration for same will not be entertained in future.

7. Enrolment Login Account (ELA) will be created after successfully completion of online enrolment.

Term ECG1302: Scholarships

1. Student of pre final/final year and pass out is eligible to avail scholarship on the percentage or CGP basis. Result upto fith semester is mandatory to avail this type of scholarship.

2. Student will have to submit his/her Provisional Degree Certificate (PDC) or Detailed Mark Sheet (DMC) from the concerned College/University as proof of graduation/degree marks within 25 days of enrolment to avail benefits of scholarship.

3. Student can also avail benefits through ‘Scholarship Test’ scheme within 90 days of Enrolment Date, If and only If, he/she has not claimed any other type of Scholarship from ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP. (It is not mandatory for ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP to conduct a ‘Scholarship Test’ within the stipulated time period.)

4. Student can avail only one type of the scholarship benefits at the same time.

5. Student with any backlog(s) or backlog(s) with pending result will not eligible for any of scholarships.

Term ECG1303: Free User

1. This is purely free user account need no to be any payment confirmation by ECG. ECG is authenticated to block any user without any prior notice to the concerned account owner.

2. If a user wants to download or to have access to the data available in premium account he/she will have to make required payment to update their account.

3. Free user will have to complete their verification procedure by their own.

Instructions for the same will be sent automatically to your registered email id.

Term ECG1401: National Level Online Test Series

1. Student can purchase national level online test series by making payment online or offline.

2. Payment in any case or circumstances will not be adjusted or refunded.

3. No changes in course or branch will be done once an account is activated.

4. Student will have to use the same mail id given at the time of registration for all future uses, in any case email id will not be changed.

5. For proper functionality of online test series minimum internet speed of 512kbps is recommended.

6. In case of delay in updating or in any technical error Engineers Career Group is not responsible but our team will make their best efforts to solve your issues.

7. Once the admit card for GATE / IES exam is allotted by Organizing Committee of respective exam user will have to submit it.

8. Engineers Career Group has the full rights to use the result of your final GATE / IES exam.

9. Student will be treated as a registered student of Engineers Career Group. He/She is then eligible to avail rewards announced by the management in respect to the final result of their respective competition exams.

10. In case of any wrong information used to purchase or access our test series, Engineers Career Group have the full right to suspend your account and take legal action.

Term ECG1402: Pre Gate Exam

1. This Test is compulsory for registered students of Engineers Career Group and they will be charged for this as extra benefits will be provided to them.

2. Payment can be done by both online or offline mode.

3. In case of offline payment , Fee should be paid 24 Hrs Before 1st session only than your account will be activated.

4. Payment once done will not be refunded in any case.

5. Gate Enrolment ID and Admit card is mandatory to sit in this exam.

6. Engineers Career Group have the full rights to use the result of your final GATE / IES exam.

7. Student will be treated as a registered student of Engineers Career Group. He/She is then eligible to avail rewards announced by the management in respect to the final result of their respective competition exams.

8. No changes in branch will be done once an account is activated.

9. It is mandatory to bring Admit card that will be sent to you by email.

10. In case Admit card is lost Rs 100 will be charged to issue the same.

Term ECG1501: Rules and Regulations

1. Student will not be allowed to enter the institute and to sit in the classroom without wearing his/her SID card, issued by ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP during the Enrolment.

2. Student will be charged for INR 100/- per day to issue Temporary SID Card, in case he/she forgets to bring SID Card.

3. Student will be charged for INR 500/- in case of break/lost of SID Card to issue a New SID Card.

4. Student will check his/her daily schedule online with Enrolled Login Account (ELA). If student will not use his/her Enrolled Login Account (ELA) for 45 days, the Enrolled Login Account (ELA) will expire automatically and INR 500/- will be charged as Re-activation fee to activate concerned Enrolled Login Account (ELA).

5. Student should update his/her contact number with ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP, in case of any change/alteration in contact number.

6. Student is not allowed to use his/her cell phone or any other personal gadgets inside the institute.

7. In case of any misbehaviour/misconduct by a student with Teachers/ Students or any other Staff member, can lead to his/her termination without any refund of Enrolment/Course fee.

Term ECG1502: Authentication

1. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is authorised to activate/deactivate Enrolled Login Account (ELA) without any prior notice to the enrolled student.

2. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is authorized to send SMS/E-Mail for any type of communication with Enrolled/Premium students on their credentials.

3. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is authorized to use selection/result of Enrolled/Premium student for any marketing and publicity activities.

4. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is authorised to cease any personal electronics gadgets used by student during classroom.

5. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is not responsible to cover syllabus (in extra classes), which will miss/overlook due to irregularity in classes by enrolled student.

6. ENGINEERS CAREER GROUP is authorised to make (any ) amendment in TERMS & CONDITION time to time without any type of consultation with/from enrolled/Premium student. Necessary Amendments will update on website: www.engineerscareergroup.in

TERM ECG1503: Attendance Register Use

1. Student details will be filled by Student Relationship Executive cell. List of students will be provided by admission cell.

2. Lecture date and student attendance will be marked daily by lecturer only before starting or releasing the class. Attendance record will be used further for online record purpose by Student Relationship Executive.

3. Lecturer will mention details of topic covered in the class on the same day. Format is already attached along with this attendance register.

4. Lecturer will conduct ‘Surprise Test’ during the course with consultation of concerned Director of the institute. The marks of test will be filled by the lecturer itself. Marks of test will be used further for online record purpose by Student Relationship Executive.

5. Lecturer will conduct full length test (online/offline) after completion of course with consultation of concerned Director of the institute. The marks of test will be filled by the lecturer itself (if offline). Marks of test will be used further for online record purpose by Student Relationship Executive.

6. Lecturer should consult date and timings of test at least three days prior to the concerned Director of the institute. Test schedule will be informed to the students by Student Relationship Executive (in case of full length test).

7. Lecturer will collect and return attendance register from/to Student Relationship Executive before and after class will start/finish.

8. Lecture record table will be maintained by Student Relationship Executive after completion of course. It may be further used for online record purpose.



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