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Indian Space Research Organization has recently released the notification for the recruitment of ISRO Scientist/'Engineer SC' in the domain of Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Science. Much eagerly awaited there are about 327 positions that are up for grab. Considered as one of the esteemed jobs for an Engineering Graduate as the aspiring candidate gets a chance to be in the team of one of the world's finest Space Organizations. Any candidate who is appearing for the GATE Examination can simultaneously appear for the exam for the Syllabus and the Exam pattern is quite similar. Questions that form a large part of the exam include topics from Engineering Mathematics and Technical Subjects. In other words, the student should have an in-depth understanding of the topics of Graduate Studies. There is no defined syllabus for the ISRO Examination. Even the examination of previous years question paper analysis, the syllabus for the exam is a nutshell of the combination of the curriculum taught in graduation as well as the GATE exam. It cannot be debated that the competition is fierce and only the top in the country are given the chance to be a part of the organization. Thus we instruct the students to prepare well in order to encash the opportunity.

About the ISRO Organization

One of the country's deemed organizations Indian Space Research Organizations is the space agency belonging to the 'Government of India'. Based in Bengaluru, its mission is to explore the domain of space research and planetary exploration. Under the tenure of the first Prime Minister Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) was established under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).Government of India in 1972 setup a Space Commission and the Department of Space (DOS). Managed by the DOS, the ISRO reports to the prime minister of India. Ever since its beginning, the Organization has established itself as being the epitome of Space Technology and Research. From Aryabhata to Chandrayaan-I, ISRO has embarked on some ingenious projects from the development of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) for launching satellites into polar orbits and the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) for placing satellites into geostationary orbits to the deployment of Satellite navigation systems like GAGAN and IRNSS have been deployed.ISRO has been credited with many achievements like sending a lunar orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, on 22 October 2008, which discovered lunar water in the form of ice and the Mars Orbiter Mission, on 5 November 2013, which entered Mars orbit on 24 September 2014, making India the first nation to succeed on its maiden attempt to Mars, as well as the first space agency in Asia to reach Mars orbit. Another noteworthy achievement of ISRO worthy of the contribution is launching of twenty satellites in a single-vehicle, and on 15 February 2017, ISRO launched one hundred and four satellites in a single rocket (PSLV-C37), a world record.ISRO launched its heaviest rocket, Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III), on 5 June 2017 and placed a communications satellite GSAT-19 in orbit. With this launch, ISRO became capable of launching 4-ton heavy satellites into GTO. On 22 July 2019, ISRO launched its second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2, which consists of an orbiter, lander and rover, to study the lunar geology and the distribution of lunar water.ISRO is definitely not of those who have the fantasy of competing with the economically advanced nations in the exploration of the Moon or the planets or manned space-flight, but rather the development of cost-reduction technologies for access to space.

Engineering Careers Group : A one-stop institute for ISRO Scientist Exam Coaching

Preparation of the ISRO Scientist/Engineer Exam initiates with going through the syllabus and the Exam Pattern like any other exam. Engineers Career Group understands that the requirements of the students are varied and thus customized courses are designed to help them hon the skills for the Final Exam. Each candidate is attended by a team of experienced counsellors and with the assistance of the esteemed faculty and visionary management are assigned a targeted study regime considering their basic needs. The sizes being small spacious classrooms enable the faculty to dissipate the lectures with ease while answering students queries in detail. One of the other highlights of the Engineers Career group is the comprehensive study material which is unlike any other in the city. The study material consists of elaborated notes accompanies by suitable illustrations that make the students understand the concepts in an effortless manner. Each chapter is followed by questions for practice based on the same pattern as the examination along with some of the time-saving tips and tricks that provide. the candidates with an edge over others. The institute has produced outstanding results in the leading competitive examinations like GATE, IES or professional for recruitment to PSU's or ISRO through it's focussed and targeted coaching. All these have made it one of the most sought-after coaching institutes in Chandigarh.


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Our Selections

  • Abhishek AIR 4 Abhishek
  • Jugal Kishore AIR 6 Jugal Kishore
  • Ashish AIR 16 Ashish
  • Sameer AIR 19 Sameer
  • Naveen AIR 23 Naveen
  • Tarun AIR 27 Tarun
  • Mudit AIR 32 Mudit
  • Ankit AIR 33 Ankit
  • Shubham AIR 37 Shubham
  • Amarbir AIR 37 Amarbir
  • Shantanu AIR 47 Shantanu
  • Umesh AIR 49 Umesh
  • Poonardeep AIR 50 Poonardeep
  • Gautam AIR 51 Gautam


Student's Speak

Engineers Career Group, delivers the best PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh. The faculty of the Institute cleared my doubts , I had from time to time.The study material for PSPCL was explained in an easy manner, for me to understand all the topics effectively.was covered by the faculty.The Institute's Online Test Series provided me with the necessary practice to get selected for my dream job and career.
I had been confused over the choice of a good institute which provides the best study material for PSPCL. One of my cousins, who had been a student with the Engineers Career Group recommended me to join.The institute provides the candidate with the best PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh that can help the candidates to achieve a good rank amongst the final candidates.
Engineers Career Group is the best PSPCL coaching institute in Chandigarh.The Institute's curriculum consists of best study material for PSPCL alongwith PSPCL previous year question papers ,which proved to be helpful during my preparation. Every topic in the PSPCL exam syllabus was covered in detail and in accordance with the PSPCL exam syllabus.
Any candidate wishing to take PSPCL JE coaching in Chandigarh should go to the Engineers Career Group. I benefitted a great deal from the online test series for PSPCL and the Previous year question papers for PSPCL exam with solutions.These test series provided me to understand and strengthen the important topics of the exam.The faculty were extreemely helpful in clearing my doubts.
Looking for Best coaching for PSPCL Junior Engineer exam? Join the Engineers Career Group, the best institute for PSPCL coaching in Chandigarh.I joined the institute on a friend's recommendation. Their PSPCL study material covers the PSPCL syllabus in detail. Their study material for the PSPCL is the best and has in detail all the important points with respect to the exam.


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Permanent Faculties

Engineers Career Group has an extraordinary team of faculty members that are recognized in their field. Dedicated individuals with the sole commitment of directing the enrolled candidates to achieve success in the ISRO Scientist Exam.ISRO or the Indian Space Research Organization is the space agency of the Indian government headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Considered as a dream destination, ISRO is a haven for an individual interested in space exploration. Our elite and competent team of able faculty members seek to groom the candidates to face the rigours of the ISRO Scientist Exam. The Faculty constantly look for innovative methods to polish the strengths and improve the weak areas, thus building core strengths of the candidate.


Detailed Coverage of Syllabus

Engineers Career Group is the epitome of ISRO Scientist Exam coaching and other engineering competitive examinations. Exam Syllabus and Pattern are the prime criteria for initiation of the preparation of the Examination. The institute's curriculum is designed in such a way it covers the entire syllabus of the ISRO Scientist Exam. With the most intelligent minds handling the helm of affairs, there can be no apprehension on the quality of knowledge imparted to the students. The experienced faculty are well versed with their respective subjects and ensure the timely completion of the syllabus on time. The institute covers both technical and non-technical topics starting from the very basics, which is the reason for its outstanding results.



Unique Study Material

Study Material is the highlight of the institute and it is solely targeted to deliver not only the required knowledge but also the necessary practice. Comprising of the most comprehensive explanation of important concepts, derivations and numerical problems, it is in fact exactly what a student needs in order to cover the syllabus. Each of the concepts is explained in the most concise manner and the important topics are highlighted. The approach also helps the student to understand the important topics from the examination point of view. Chapter tests and Mock Tests simulate the actual exam and familiarize the candidates with the level of difficulty, type of questions and most importantly help to build the speed.


Additional Core Competencies

Engineers Career Group is a league apart from the other coaching institutes, for it believes in providing value to a student's investment. Besides the quality study material, the institute provides numerous add ons which play a key role in a student's success. These additional features help to provide the flexibility to the students, which helps them to target the exam preparation as per their convenience. What makes Engineers Career Group as one of the best ISRO Scientist Exam coaching institutes in Chandigarh, is addendum such as web portal and in house, performance tool. This would aid in evaluation of a candidate's progress over a period of time and hon his weaknesses if any.



Engaging Doubt Clearing Sessions

Doubt clearing sessions have always an integral part of Engineers Career Group. Considering the batch sizes are small provides an opportunity for the candidates to engage in the sessions. The strategy works both ways. It helps the candidates to clear their apprehensions and provide the others to learn new methods and skills. These sessions are extremely stimulating and they help the students to discover new methods of problem-solving which can prove out to be extremely helpful in the final exam. In fact, both the faculty and the management encourage the students to participate in these sessions. Following each tests , it is a regular routine to discuss the paper in class and answer questions if any. Outstanding results in the competitive examinations are all attributed to this targeted coaching by this premier institute.


Outstanding Results

Year after year the scholars from the Engineers Career Group have outperformed the others in the ISRO Scientist Examination. It couldn't have been possible without the untiring efforts of the management and commitment of the faculty members who continue to seek innovative methods of teaching for the students. Constructive feedback along with valuable feedback from the students are sought to better the system. The main objective to provide the student's with the best teaching ambience to which each of the staff is committed. Our outstanding results are proof of our commitment to being the best coaching institute for Engineering Exams.



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